Principles of Yaskawa

Our Commitments

We at Yaskawa respect and value each individual’s human rights and diversity. We respect the individuality of each employee and ensure a balanced work atmosphere as well as a supportive togetherness at all our locations worldwide. We do not tolerate any kind of discrimination and protect the privacy of our employees.

Being part of Yaskawa

We expect Initiative and close cooperate with others from our employees to achieve common goals while also constantly seeking new challenges.

Grow with Yaskawa

We pledge to grow and develop those passionate about contributing to our global business in a communicative teach-and-learn environment and match them with challenging career opportunities.

Work with Yaskawa

We respect your individuality and diversity, and we pledge to provide a safe and healthy working environment that will provide motivation.

Recognition by Yaskawa

We facilitate fair evaluation and performance reward via active communication.

Improvement of environmental awareness at Yaskawa

We strive to improve environmental awareness among all of our members via education. We take a broad approach to discussing our relationship with the environment so that each of us can independently implement environmental activities.


Our employees are the most important potential of our company.

Yaskawa is constantly launching initiatives in all our locations to expand the attractive offers and conditions for all its employees.

At the Eschborn location in 2019, Yaskawa is currently carrying out its fourth re-audit with audit berufundfamilie®.

A good work-life balance is encouraged at all levels of the company under the principle of individual responsibility.

Yaskawa thus shows itself to be an attractive and responsible employer.